Barber For Senate

George Barber

George Barber of Greenville is one of four Republican candidates running in Tuesday’s primary election for the senate seat in the Illinois 54th District.

Barber, a professor and basketball coach at Greenville University, has been on the campaign trail getting his message across to citizens. He said the biggest issue he sees is the need for transparency and accountability in Illinois. He said he would not vote to raise taxes to deal with finances, but would begin to curb special interest spending. Barber said he is in favor of paying pensions, but reform is needed going forward. He said he believes these measures will allow for updates to infrastructure and care for the most vulnerable citizens.

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Barber said he is also concerned that many Illinois residents and businesses are leaving the state. He believes the state must take care of its farmers.

The Greenville resident feels those wanting to enter government must be optimistic about the future. He said people in leadership must be able to cast vision.

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This is Barber’s first time as a candidate for public office. Current senator, Kyle McCarter, is not running for re-election.

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