Downtown Park Discussion

Creative Economy has been a topic of discussion for about a year in Greenville with various committees formed.

That has led to one of the committees hosting focus meetings regarding a proposed downtown park on city-owned property along South Second Street, between South and Summer streets.

This is not the first discussion of the park. The Greenville City Council discussed it a couple of years ago, and currently has $300,000 of TIF funds in its budget, in case a decision is made to proceed.

Greenville Economic Development Coordinator Bill Walker said the recent meetings have been designed to obtain input from nearby building owners and tenants, plus stakeholders. He said one concern expressed was the loss of parking which is provided on that property.

Walker said the idea is in the early stages, so a design has not been finalized. He said once the idea is more developed, a plan will likely be drawn up to meet the needs of the park and the people in the area. He said if the park is usable by everyone involved, it could be a very special project.

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Walker said if the committee feels the park idea should be pursued, they will present it to the city council. The steps beyond that are unknown.

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Ideas about the use for a downtown park have included having a permanent stage for band concerts and other music events, having areas for farmer’s markets or vendor fairs, and having just green space for persons to enjoy the park and possibly eat lunch in it.

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