Honey Bee Challenge

Teens from Centralia High School FFA were trained this winter as Teen Teachers for the Honey Bee Challenge program through Illinois 4-H. The teens delivered the program to 175 elementary students in Schiller, North Wamac, and Willow Grove schools in March.

During the Honey Bee Challenge, the participants complete a “Farm to Table” activity to understand how food gets to their local stores. They also explore the reason why honey bees and other pollinators are an important piece of that puzzle. For the challenge, the students have a ‘bee bot’ that needs to collect pollen. They have to build a forage route for the ‘bee bot’ that will allow it to collect the pollen. Students also learned about planting pollinator gardens to help save honey bees.

Illinois 4-H has several science lessons that are designed to be taught by Teen Teachers. These programs bring hands on real-life science activities into the classroom and offer teens a chance to enhance their leadership and public speaking skills. For more information about the Honey Bee Challenge, or similar activities, contact the Illinois Extension Office in Clinton County at 618-526-4551.

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