Pair Allegedly Bought Girl Scout Cookies With Counterfeit Money

Two Caseyville residents have been charged in Madison County Circuit Court with allegedly using counterfeit money to buy Girl Scout cookies at the Highland Walmart Saturday morning.

Lena Peterson, age 31, is charged with one count of felony forgery and Christopher Vanbibber, age 33, faces two felony forgery charges.

It’s alleged the defendants used counterfeit $20 bills to purchase cookies at a Girl Scout stand at Walmart. When one of the adults at the stand went to the banking facility in Walmart to get change, a $20 bill did not pass the marker test. The adult remembered who passed the bill.

Police were called, an officer was in the area, and Peterson and Vanbibber were stopped in their car near Walmart.

The second felony forgery count alleges Vanbibber passed a counterfeit bill at a concession stand at a youth basketball game, the same morning in Highland.

Peterson has also been charged with alleged possession of less than five grams of methamphetamine.

Both defendants are to appear in court on March 16.

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