Unit Two Board Personnel Action

At Monday night’s meeting of the Bond County Community Unit 2 Board of Education, reduction in force action was taken among the personnel items addressed.

The dismissals are effective the end of the school year.

Affected are 5 certified employees, in grant positions that were not renewed, 4 part-time non-certified employees and 24 other non-certified employees.

Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson said reductions were made in the district’s Pre-k grant-funded program because the grant is being rewritten and officials aren’t sure if it will be awarded to them again. As a precaution, Olson said several teachers were “RIF-ed”. Student enrollment, particularly special education student enrollment, is also a factor in the reductions.

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Kara Harris is in her first year as principal at Sorento School. The board approved a three-year contract for her to continue in the position.

The resignations of Ericka West, as a teacher at Greenville Elementary School, and Kara Kinney, as a speech-language pathologist, were accepted, effective the end of the school year.

Tim Kelly and Tamara Hoffman have resigned as teacher’s aides. Kelly’s time end this week and Hoffman’s resignation is effective the end of the school year.

Terry Marshall was hired as a full time industrial technology teacher at the high school for the 2018-19 school year.

Shayleen Lewis was hired as a third grade teacher at GES for the 2018-19 school year. Sam Langel was approved as a bus driver for 3.75 hours per day.

Leaves of absence were granted to Elizabeth Finn and Diana Moore.

Due to additional grant funds being received in the Prevention Initiative Program, the days or hours were increased for three employees, and three part-time infant toddler specialists, Adrienne Beavor, Maria Lourdes Estevez and Sarah Elliott were hired with a maximum of 88 hours allowed per specialist.

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