Bond County Sheriff Planting Safety Reminder

The unusual weather lately has prevented steady work in the fields, but planting activity and field prep work is underway in our area.

Bond County Sheriff Jim Leitschuh reminded farmers to be mindful as you transport equipment on public roadways. Make sure your warning signs are on the machines and visible. Motorists, if you come upon slow moving farm machinery, remember to go slow and only pass when it’s safe and legal.

Click below to hear his comments:

Farmers, when applying products to your fields be sure to follow instructions and use proper protective equipment. Maintain equipment to keep it in good working condition and store fuel properly. Spending long hours in the field does not mean you should skip meals or rest. Make sure to get enough sleep and proper nutrition to keep yourself alert during those long days.

Motorists are reminded to keep an eye out for farm machinery on all roadways during planting season.

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