City Business License Discussion


During the recent Greenville City Council meeting, Councilman John Gillard brought up the topic of business licenses.

The city does not have this type of license.

Gillard asked if there is a need for it. He pointed out that once a business is opened, the city doesn’t have access to certain information, including what the business does and the number of employees:

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City Manager Dave Willey said there are advantages to obtaining business information in the form of useful data. He said he doesn’t anticipate a big fee for such a license. He said the most important reason for a license is to give the city a look at the business before it is established to check for things like zoning.

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Mayor Alan Gaffner said the council discussed business licenses many years ago and the subject was not received well.

Councilman Jes Adam, a former businessman, expressed his opposition.

Willey said license forms could provide contact information which could be important in an emergency. He noted if a business license program was developed, it would not be intended as a revenue producer.

The city manager will research the topic and provide the council more information.

It will be discussed again at a future meeting, with no action to be taken at that time, according to Mayor Gaffner.

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