City Council Discusses Fence & Mini-Warehouse

It was over a four-hour meeting for the Greenville City Council Tuesday night.

The majority of the discussion centered on a fence for a new mini-warehouse, and the new city budget.

A.G. Becker of Breese plans to build a mini-warehouse storage facility south of Route 40, east of The Zone.

When the Plan Commission held a public hearing on a permit for the facility, commission members favored the development and agreed no fence was needed.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey reported fencing is typically required for such facilities, all around the buildings. He said it has been required by the city for aesthetics.

That led to the long discussion by Becker, councilmen and others about the fence.

Some thought a fence on two sides of the complex would suffice and others favored three sides. The city staff recommendation remained all sides.

A motion to require fencing on all sides did not receive a second. Eventually, the council decided to send it back to the planning commission for another public hearing, making sure commission members knew the history of fencing in the city.

The council also spent a lot of time looking at the proposed budget, learning a lot had been cut, but more reductions were necessary to have a balanced general fund.

Some suggestions were made by councilmen, and the council will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. April 23 to continue the budget discussion.

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