City Council Occupancy Permit Discussion

While it is only in the discussion stage, the Greenville City Council has revived the topic of occupancy permits.

A few years ago, the subject led to public hearings and was met with a lot of opposition. At that time, the proposal involved permits for the sale of houses and rental of property.

The current discussion is only for rental property. Councilmen and city officials have been referring to a Highland ordinance that requires a rental property permit.

The idea of the permit program is to make sure tenants rent safe homes. Inspections would be required.

Councilman John Gillard resurrected the topic at the council’s March meeting and it was discussed this month under old business.

Gillard asked those attending to share their ideas. He said residents with low incomes need decent places to live.

Click below to hear his comments:

City Manager Dave Willey also addressed the matter first commenting about past citizen reaction. He said there was pushback from landlords when the topic was brought up previously.

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Councilman Jes Adam believes discussion among interested residents must be received before the council considers any action. Others agreed.

Mayor Alan Gaffner said a special informational council meeting will be scheduled for public comments with no official action planned.

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