Clinton County 4-H Thanks Volunteers

April 15-21 is National Volunteer Week, and University of Illinois Extension 4-H Youth Development program wants to thank the more than 12,000 4-H adult and youth volunteers who guide and support the nearly 200,000 4-H participants in Illinois. Illinois 4-H volunteers are empowering and preparing youth for success as 4-H members provide service to others and their community.

In Clinton County, there are over 100 volunteers who are inspiring youth involved in county and local 4-H club programs. Local 4-H volunteers include:

Club Leaders
Denise Sinclair
Diane Sinclair
Kathy Pingsterhaus
Anita Brandmeyer
Annette Tebbe
Jeana Brandmeyer
Kelly Elias
Michelle Wegmann
Herman Wegmann
Kimberly Wolter
Jennifer Litteken
Chris Detmer
Megan Detmer
Mike Claypool
John Toedte
Jamie Toedte
Amanda Raynor
Jackie VanGorkom
Jen Heinzmann
Dena Brammeier
Sheila Lueking
Judy Johnson
Doug Lueking
Sarah Tebbe
Becky Henrichs
Emily Henrichs
Tina Hilmes
Billie Jo Brunker
Anne Strate
Timothy Brunker
Rhonda Bohn
Sally Brunker
Lynette Sherman
Craig Buscher
Laura Wesselmann
Amanda Raynor
Jeannie Brendel
Barb Johnston
Pete Cinotto
Carly Youngless
Douglas Gruenke
Laurie Henderson
Amanda Woodall

Stacey Madson
Dave Ratermann
Brian Richter
Josh Tebbe
Laurie Henderson
Mike Claypool

Workshop Volunteers
Dwight Shubert
Diane Sinclair
Anita Brandmeyer
Jeana Brandmeyer
Reed Johnston
Dave Ratermann
Marvin Ratermann
Linda Ratermann
Rachel King
Diane Thole
Pam Buehne
Pete Cinotto

Teen Teachers
Mater Dei
Carlyle FFA
Central FFA
Centralia High School FFA
Wesclin FFA
Clinton County 4-H Federation

Extension Foundation
Jeannie Brendel
Mike Claypool
Rochelle Halstead
Rob Gerstenecker
Vivian Luebbers
Ruthan Redmon
Dave Ratermann
Kelly Elias

Extension Council
Deanna Ratermann
Mike Claypool
Dave Ratermann
Kelly Elias
Rafael Him
Bob Netemeyer
Matt Cain

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