Clinton County Bomb Arrest

A local man was arrested in the Keyesport area Monday for the alleged possession of bomb-making materials.

According to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Kyle Matthews, age 25, is being held.

Sunday, about 8 p.m. the department received a report that a white male subject was in a Carlyle business on Saturday night with a suspicious item.

The male told others the item was a homemade bomb. The item was described as a pipe bomb that appeared to be made out of white PCV pipe with end caps. The sheriff’s office was able to obtain the name of the man and where he was living.

The department had received several reports in the past few weeks of explosions in the area where the subject was living. A search warrant was obtained for property in the rural Keyesport area.

Monday at 10:45 a.m., the warrant was served by an I-L-E-A-S team along with personnel from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the SOS bomb squad, FBI and the sheriff’s department.

According to Sheriff Doug Maue, bomb-making materials, bomb components, a large amount of firearms and ammunition were allegedly recovered.

Three occupants at the home were taken to the sheriff’s department for questioning. Matthews was one of the three.

Charges against him are pending. The other two were released.

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