County Board Talks Community College & Courthouse Repair

The Bond County Board held its first April meeting Tuesday morning and learned it is Community College Month.

Kaskaskia College Interim President George Evans spoke to the board, which approved a resolution in honor of and supporting K.C.

Scott Wight provided information about the potential of fiber optics for telephone and Internet service. It was noted the county, City of Greenville and Kaskaskia College could share costs to have fiber optic extended to their facilities.

The county board members talked about possible repairs to the courthouse. The discussion centered on the roof and facia.

The board announced openings for the board of review, which currently has Ron Shevlin, Carol Lingley and Ed Gorline as members. Three positions will be appointed.

There is one opening to fill on the Shoal Creek Fire Protection District Board. It is currently held by Brett Kunkel.

No action was taken, but a discussion was held about the possible purchase of a storage container from the Bond County Humane Society for animal control. If it is bought, the cost would be shared by the county board and City of Greenville.

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