Greenville City Compost Program

The City of Greenville once again has its compost pile along South Fourth Street at the Public Works yard.

The compost is for Greenville residents.

They can pick some up at anytime, but two days a week, Public Works employees will be at the pile to assist, according to Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider. You can bring a truck on Wednesday or Friday and crews will load as much compost as you want. Grider stressed the compost is for residents, not businesses.

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Grider said later this spring, if city residents don’t take all of the compost, it will be available for county residents.

The successful program has been underway for several years. Grider reported the new compost pile consists of leaves vacuumed by city crews the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017.

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The large paper bags are available at hardware and other stores.

This spring’s leaf vacuuming will end Friday, April 13, weather permitting.

Grider said residents can put bags of leaves along the curb or street anytime. If it is outside of the vacuuming seasons, call the municipal building to report the bags are out.

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