ISP Gear Up For Distracted Driving Week

Each day, 10 people are killed in distracted driving crashes – contributing to the 37,000 people killed in crashes on U.S. roadways during 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To help bring attention to the dangers associated with driving distracted, the Illinois State Police will again participate in Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week (DDAW) and conduct an enforcement campaign of Illinois’ distracted driving laws.

Illinois State Police Commander Captain Timothy Tyler stated, “No distraction- whether texting or talking on the phone is ever worth the loss of life on the roadway.” “These senseless deaths can easily be prevented if drivers simply choose to focus on the core task of driving when behind the wheel. We aim to do our part to help keep motorists safe on the roadways”

In addition to traffic enforcement the Illinois State Police will participate in several education activities, including:

Teaching about the dangers of distracted driving in high school driver’s education classes and/or all school assembly

Promote distracted driving messages through department’s social media channels

Promote safe driving through the media

Contrary to what some drivers may think, hands-free, handheld and in-vehicle technologies are not distraction-free, even if a driver’s eyes are on the road and their hands are on the wheel. The latest AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research found that:

Drivers who text when behind the wheel more than double their odds of being involved in a crash;

Drivers who use in-vehicle technologies, like voice-based and touch screen features, can be distracted for more than 40 seconds when completing tasks like programming navigation or sending a text message.

Removing eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk for a crash

Violating Illinois’s distracted driving laws can be costly. Know before you go. In Illinois:

Law prohibits all drivers from texting and driving ($120 Fine Moving Violation)

Law prohibits all drivers from using a hand-held phone while driving ($120 Fine Moving Violation)

Law prohibits all teen drivers from using a cell phone while driving ($120 Fine Moving Violation)

For more information on Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week visit

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