New FS Mill

South Central FS will soon be using a state-of-the-art feed mill at its facility near Effingham at Watson.

The new mill features a 4-ton mixer, two roller mills to process corn, the ability to pellet feed and a 100 thousand bushel grain bin.

An open house was recently held and feed marketing manager for FS Total Livestock Services, Phil Westendorf, said it is hoped feed will be manufactured at the new mill starting next week.

Westendorf said the new mill will speed up the operation. He said the livestock business is always changing and an automated facility was necessary. The facility is an upgrade from a 2 ton to a 4 ton mixer. He said the 4 ton mixer can manufacture 60 tons of feed per hour.

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He added the larger mill will also reduce the company’s labor costs.

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Total Grain Marketing, a sister company to South Central FS, will supply all the corn to the mill.

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