Olson On Unit 2 Planning


At the April meeting of the Bond County Unit 2 school board, Superintendent Wes Olson said he would like to revive discussions about strategic planning for the district.

He suggested training sessions this summer for administrators and teacher leaders, and then reaching out to residents of the district, students and staff in fall sessions. Olson said electronic surveys could also be used.

The superintendent said strategic planning is important for several reasons. He said there is a steady stream of facility money now and a plan is important to use those funds. He also noted a change in federal and state accountability when it comes to curriculum and instruction. He said decisions will have to be made and goals will need to be set to remain competitive and ensure student success.

Click below to hear his comments in full:

Strategic planning sessions for Unit 2 were held about three years ago and Superintendent Olson feels the results should now be analyzed for how the district is doing and what is desired for the future.

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