Unit Two Board On Committees, IESA & Insurance

Committee appointments for the next year have been made on the Bond County Unit 2 school board.

Buildings and Grounds members are Nate Prater and Dan Sidwell. Randi Workman and Laura Wall are on the Policy and Curriculum Committee, Greg Zykan and Ashley Driemeyer are on the Finance Committee, and Prater, Edmar Schreiber and Zykan are on the Negotiations Committee.

Wall serves as the board’s Academic Foundation Board representative. Workman is on the Character Education Board, Pater and Driemeyer are on the Insurance Committee Board, Sidwell is on the Mid-State Special Education Board, and Schreiber represents Unit 2 for the Illinois State School Board.

District schools will be in the Illinois Elementary School Association next year for sports.

Fees are $745 for the Greenville Junior High School, and $680 apiece for the Pocahontas and Sorento schools.

The board approved the student insurance program for next school year, through First Agency Incorporated.

Two types of coverage are offered. Parents can pay for insurance to cover accidents during school time or 24-hours a day.

Optional football insurance is available for a player from the first day of practice until December 31.

There is no cost to the district as premiums are paid by parents who choose to enroll their students in plans.

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