WGEL Adds Solar Power To Transmitter

WGEL Radio in Greenville has been broadcasting on 101.7FM for over 30 years and this spring added a solar panel ground array to its transmitter site.

“The Solar Panels will dramatically reduce our energy bills and let us produce clean power that qualifies for Solar Renewable Energy Credit, making the array a great investment for our business” said General Manager Tom Kennedy.

The panels went live in March and have been generating power every day, even with its cloudy. “That was one of the surprises to me when we started researching solar power, we found conditions don’t need to be perfect to produce energy” said Kennedy. WGEL Radio hopes to recoup the cost of the solar array over the next 3-4 years, and the panels should continue to produce energy for 20 or more years.

“We partnered with Tick Tock Energy and Pals Electric, both with many years of experience putting together solar arrays. As a Radio Station, we never want to be off the air, and they were able to do all the work without any broadcast interruptions.”

WGEL Radio will consume most of the energy that is produced by the 20 KW system but any over production will be sent back into the grid. Southwestern Electric is the power supplier at the radio station’s tower site off Route 127.

“It’s a great thing to produce clean energy, but this was a business decisions and an investment that will pay off for years to come. Tick Tock energy even set up an App called Sunny Portal that allows us to monitor just how much energy is being produced. It’s another reason to smile when the sun is shining” said Kennedy.”

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