Adam Resigning From City Council

New Greenville Tourism Director Jes Adam

The Greenville City Council will have a new member soon.

At a special meeting Monday night, Jes Adam made the announcement. He said he will be moving away from Greenville after May 30. He will attend the next regular council meeting.

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Adam must submit a notarized letter of resignation for it to be official. The council will then have 60 days to fill the vacancy.

Mayor Alan Gaffner will make a recommendation for a new councilman and seek approval from the other three councilmen.

Gaffner said Adam has been a valuable member of the council. He thanked him for the three years he served the city and said he hopes Adam returns as a resident someday.

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The mayor said Adam has consented to remain on the council until he moves out of the city.

Adam has completed three years of his four-year term. His replacement will finish the final year, and then the position will be on the ballot in 2019 as a four-year term.

Mayor Gaffner reached out to those with an interest of being on the council.

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Residents interested in being on the council should contact Mayor Gaffner, or City Manager Dave Willey. Their e-mail addresses can be accessed on the city’s website at Greenville Illinois dot com.

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