CEO Seeking New Facilitator

After a very successful first year, the Bond County CEO program is looking for a new facilitator.

Roger Sanders has resigned from the position and the CEO Board is accepting resumes from anyone interested in the position.

Jeff Leidel spoke with Board Chairman Larry Deiters and Vice-Chairman Mike Ennen about the position. Deiters explained it is not a traditional teacher role. They focus on learning teamwork and accountability. Ennen said, if interested, resumes can be submitted to Bond County CEO, PO Box 391 in Greenville. You can also visit

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Applicants can also call Deiters at NACO Printing.

Resumes should be submitted within the next two weeks.

The facilitator is a half-time position, meeting with students from 7:30 to 9 a.m. during the school year, and then planning business tours and guest speakers.

Ennen and Deiters praised the work of Sanders as the program’s first facilitator. Some potential applicants even remarked that they have big shoes to fill. Ennen and Deiters said both the Home Expo in January and the Trade Show in May were successful due to Sanders’ enthusiasm.

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CEO teaches students about the business world through real-life experiences.

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