City Budget Includes Deficit

In order to have a police officer on the Illinois State Police Drug Task Force, the Greenville City Council has decided to adopt a deficit budget in its general fund for fiscal year 2019, which began May 1.

The vote was 4 to 1, with Jes Adam stating he could not support a deficit budget. Kyle Littlefield, Mike Heath, John Gillard and Mayor Alan Gaffner voted yes.

The city will cover the deficit with its fund reserves.

City Manager Dave Willey gave the council two budget scenarios to consider. He said the first is balanced, but does not include the additional police officer for the drug task force. He said he believes the task force to be a good investment.

Click below to hear his comments in full:

Bond County has not had an officer on the drug task force for three years. It had been funded through the state’s attorney’s office. The sheriff’s department currently has a K-9 Unit.

For many months, the Greenville City Council has been discussing the opioid problem and what can be done locally.

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