City Council Addresses Treasurer Position

The treasurer’s position for the City of Greenville was addressed by the city council Monday night during a special meeting.

While it was recently learned the city manager, not the mayor, legally has the authority to appoint a treasurer, it was not noticed that the city clerk can not also be the treasurer.

City Manager Dave Willey appointed City Clerk Sue Ann Nelson as treasurer in March, to replace Margaret Iberg, who retired as treasurer.

Willey commented at Monday’s meeting about the situation, noting that state statute says a city clerk cannot hold any office other than city collector. Willey said his appointment of the city clerk to hold the office of treasurer is therefore not possible. He said the office of treasurer will be left in place and he will switch Nelson’s appointment to be a temporary one, and a permanent appointment will likely be made in the next council meeting.

Click below to hear his comments in full:

The council decided not to create a position of city collector and remain with a treasurer.

The city manager stated he has been told he can legally appoint the city clerk as treasurer on a temporary basis and he did so on Tuesday.

The discussion of the topic occurred after former Police Chief John King raised questions about the process. Willey, Mayor Alan Gaffner and City Attorney Patrick Schaufelberger expressed their appreciation of King’s interest in the matter.

Willey advised that changes need to be made in the city ordinance regarding four department head positions to make sure they more accurately reflect the duties for them. He plans to present recommendations at the May 8 meeting.

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