Credit Card Skimmer Found In Raymond

The credit card skimmer found in Raymond

On Saturday, April 28th, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Raymond Shell Station regarding a credit card skimmer that had been located on a gas pump.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded and seized the device.

Card skimmers are used by thieves to collect credit card/debit card numbers and PIN numbers. This is a more common practice in larger cities, but Montgomery County authorities are warning that skimmers are being located in rural areas as well.

Different types of devices are either put inside the gas pump or attached over the card reader on the outside of the pump. The device located in Raymond was an internal skimmer. It is unknown it was installed, but is being sent to the Illinois State Police crime lab to be analyzed.

If you have been to the Raymond Shell station in the past few months, you are advised to check your financial records to ensure your information was not stolen.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department encourages you to either pay inside at all gas stations/stores or be conscious of your bank and credit card accounts.

If you locate any misuse of your credit/debit cards contact the financial institution as soon as possible.

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