Greenville Buying Into Fiber Optic Extension

The City of Greenville is buying into the extension of fiber optic Internet service to the municipal building.

At the May meeting, the city council unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement to share construction costs and obtain fiber optic service.

City Manager Dave Willey told the councilmen about the need for the improved Internet service. He said it would improve the internet service and increase the internet speed.

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The monthly Internet service cost will be $168 for each of the city, county, sheriff’s department and 911 system.

Kaskaskia College will pay about $335 for the first five years, and then the monthly cost will be $168. It has been agreed the college will not incur upfront construction expenses.

The Greenville Police Department and county sheriff’s department will have an extra cost of $103 per month to be connected to the Illinois State Police database.

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