Greenville Council Discusses Royal Lake Sewer System


The City of Greenville may soon be taking over the Royal Lake sewer system.

City Manager Dave Willey said it would occur through Rural Development, as part of Greenville’s unserved sewer project. Rural Development has awarded a $635,000 grant for the Royal Lake system, which will be used for repairs and cover what Royal Lake owes the city in past sewer services.

At the present time, sewage from Royal Lake is supposed to go through Smithboro and then to Greenville’s treatment plant, however the Royal Lake system is not working properly.

Willey said Rural Development expressed interest in Greenville becoming involved, because that organization has a loan that has not been paid on for years. The system is in disrepair and needs a lot of work. He said they will fund the project with a grant, allowing repayment of their loan and funds for repairs.

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It is hoped the work at Royal Lake can be completed by the end of June. The city will eventually add 50 more sewer customers and Royal Lake users, at this time, will pay double rates, as required by city ordinance for those living outside the city limits.

One meeting has been held by city officials with about 30 Royal Lake customers in attendance.

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