ISP Issues Prom Safety Reminder

Illinois State Police 18 officials are reminding young drivers to think responsibly as they celebrate during the upcoming prom and graduation season. Our primary safety message is in the word PROM which asks teens to “Please Return On Monday.”

Now that Prom and Graduation are upon us, area high school students will soon be participating in celebrations that occur not only at school but at private locations. During the next couple of weeks, ISP District 18 Troopers will be conducting high visibility patrols with aggressive enforcement of the Fatal Four violations: DUI, Speeding, Seat Belt, and Distracted Driving, with a focus on DUI violations.

“Prom and Graduation are milestones in every student’s life,” said District 18 Interim Commander, Lieutenant Ken Guard. He continued by saying, “These are events people reminisce and remember. We want these memories to be well-thought-of and not undesirable. Voluntary compliance is what we strive for and hope for but our Troopers will be actively patrolling to enforce laws to help keep our public safe from motorists who make poor choices.”

Our primary goal is to modify teen driving behaviors which include distractions, carelessness, fatigue, and inexperience. These behaviors, when combined with drugs or alcohol, can be lethal. Car crashes kill more teens during the weekends of prom and graduation season than any other time of year.

Directed patrols will be focused in areas where these events are taking place. The goal of these concentrated efforts is voluntary compliance. With the motoring public’s assistance, we can help ensure this year’s prom and graduation memories are positive ones. Think responsibly, put the phone down, “Drop it and Drive,” buckle up, and don’t use alcohol or drugs.

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