Lake Horse Power & Trestle Jumping

Governor Bond Lake

The Greenville Lake Committee met this month and discussed several items.

A motion was approved to recommend to the city council that the boat motor horsepower limit be raised to no more than 300. It is currently 225 horsepower.

The change is being suggested to cover the minimum entry level bass boats.

The speed limit will remain on Governor Bond Lake.

The motion also noted there can be only one motor, except trolling motors, and they must comply with the boat’s placard.

A concern was raised about people jumping off the train trestle at the lake.

City Manager Dave Willey said he and the Lake Patrol discourages trestle jumping, noting it is a dangerous activity and that eventually someone will get hurt. Willey said the railroad has jurisdiction and those who jump from the trestle are trespassing.

Click below to hear his comments:

The hours of the lake patrol officer will be altered to watch for this conduct.

Willey reported there are now lights on the trestle.

The committee was told the city is now operating the marina after Willey did not renew his lease. In February, the city council approved a motion to purchase from Willey the 12-slip boat dock at the marina for $12,000.

There are no boat rentals or day camping at the marina. All eight campsites have been rented for the year. It was suggested that any fuel sold there have no ethanol for maximum boat motor performance.

Willey advised there will be new buoys on the lake. Sixteen have been purchased, at $150 apiece, to be combined with the remaining good ones.

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