Last Day Of School Cut Short In Litchfield

Wednesday was already scheduled to be the final day of school in the Litchfield School District, but students were dismissed earlier than anticipated because of something found in a bathroom.

Illinois State Police report that at about 8:40 a.m. Wednesday, two pieces of ammunition were found in a high school men’s bathroom.

The high school immediately enacted its protocol for the safety of students.

The students were taken to a safe location and parents contacted. Schools housing elementary students, in separate buildings from the middle school and high school, were placed on lockdown.

Pickup locations were identified, and information was released to parents as soon as possible.

Agencies on standby, which did not go to the school, included the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, Illinois State Police, the ILEAS Swat Team and Litchfield Fire and Ambulance.

State police indicated because of the ongoing investigation, as well as dealing with juveniles, no additional information is available.

All students in the Litchfield school district were eventually released to parents. An afternoon 8th grade recognition program was cancelled.

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