School Funding Lawsuit Update

While school funding in Illinois has improved due to the state’s passage of a new evidence-based funding formula, a lawsuit remains in court that was filed by several school districts last year.

Bond County Unit 2 and Mulberry Grove Unit 1 are still among the plaintiffs in the suit.

Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson reports an amendment to the lawsuit was recently filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Olson said the suit originally began about a year ago during the state’s budget impasse. He said the amendment reflects changes that have been made to implement the state’s new evidence-based funding model.

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Olson said while school districts are receiving more money per student under the new formula, they deserve for the state to fund at the level its research shows.

He hopes area residents will continue to contact their legislators about the matter. He said such action is helpful to bring about awareness and advocate for public education funding.

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The Unit 2 superintendent reported that at this time, districts in the lawsuit have no additional legal fees over the original $1,000 submitted to be a plaintiff. Olson said if any more costs are requested, the school board would have to first be consulted.

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