Ameren Smart Thermostat Program

Ameren Illinois has entered into an energy saving initiative with its environmental advocates.

The smart thermostat initiative has a goal of installing 300,000 of the thermostats in customer’s homes during the next 10 years.

Agnes Mrozowski, Ameren energy efficiency advisor, said the biggest advantage is an estimated 10 to 15 percent savings on your energy bill when using a smart thermostat. She said they are also very convenient.

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Various brands of smart thermostats can be purchased at stores, then rebates are available, according to Mrozowski. Ameren is offering $100 off of the thermostats. You can apply for the rebate online or you can apply for a coupon in advance.

Ameren can also conduct a home energy audit and for income-qualified customers, a free smart thermostat can be provided.

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