Packed House Talks Sanctuary Gun Resolution at Bond County Board

So many people showed up to discuss the idea of Bond County being a sanctuary gun county that the Bond County Board meeting was moved to the large courthouse upstairs Tuesday. While nearly every citizen that spoke said they supported the second amendment opinions varied on the need or appropriateness for a county board to pass such a resolution.

Many in favor of the gun sanctuary resolution said they felt it would send a message to Springfield and Chicago that downstate Illinois does not approve of their gun laws and restrictions. They understand that there are no “teeth” in this type of resolution but it’s a way for their voices to be heard. It was also mentioned that a petition of support was being passed around and already included over 300 signatures at the time of the board meeting.

Other county residents said this is an issue citizens should take up with their state Senators and Representatives. One pointing out that he didn’t want to live in a county that picks and chooses which laws they will follow and won’t follow, saying he doesn’t want to live in California with its sanctuary cities.

It was a long and very civil conversation where at least 18 local citizens had the chance to voice their opinions and concerns. In the end the county board decided to table the issue to collect more information and will likely send a letter of support for law abiding gun owners to the state legislature, although it’s unlikely they would pass a gun sanctuary resolution.

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