Phone Scam & Burglary Attempt

The Bond County Sheriff’s Department is warning local residents of a recent incident which involved a fraudulent phone call and attempted residential burglary.

The perpetrator called the victim and identified himself as a police officer, telling the resident he needed to speak to them at the police department.

Immediately after the victim was lured from the home to meet with police, suspects arrived at the door of the residence and knocked on the door.

Another family member in the home answered the door. The suspects said their car had overheated and asked for water.

When the homeowner returned with water, the suspects were gone.

Sheriff Jim Leitschuh warns residents that people are always using information from the Internet to attempt scams. Often, victims are contacted and coaxed into giving sensitive information such as bank account and Social Security numbers.

Leitschuh said the topic of the scams continuously change, and can be very elaborate and convincing. They often try to persuade victims to send money, or in the recent case, lure you away from home to break inside.

If you receive any type of suspicious calls, contact the sheriff’s department at 618-664-2151 or the Greenville Police Department at 664-2131.

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