Pulmonologist & Sleep Medicine Physician To See Patients In Greenville

Dr. Manjeshwar Prabhu

HSHS Medical Group recently announced that Dr. Manjeshwar Prabhu, pulmonology and sleep medicine physician, would see pulmonology and sleep medicine patients at a new clinic at HSHS Holy Family Hospital in Greenville.

Dr. Prabhu is from India, which is where he received his medical education. After medical school, he did his training in England and Scotland then did fellowship training in Canada. He has practiced in America for about 26 years. Most of that time was spent in Taylorville. He moved to HSHS in Decatur about a year ago.

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Dr. Prabhu told us he sees patients with lung diseases, COPD, asthma, and more, and sleep medicine. He said most people think of sleep apnea when they think of sleep medicine. While that is a part of it, he said it’s only one small part. He will offer insomnia services, which are not available anywhere else in our area.

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Sleep studies will be conducted at the new clinic, but Dr. Prabhu said new technology has made that process much more convenient for patients. Home sleep studies might be available to patients in some cases. Dr. Prabhu said those patients would only need to come in to the clinic if additional testing is required.

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Most of the time a physician’s referral is required to see Dr. Prabhu. For referral information, call 217-329-1000. To additional information, visit HSHSMedicalGroup.org.

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