Sybert Attends Election Security Workshop


Illinois county clerks, including Meg Sybert from Bond County, recently attended a state workshop to address security in elections.

Federal officials have put an emphasis on this after incidents in the 2016 election. In July of that year, cyber attackers breached the Illinois State Board of Elections’ electronic voter database in an act that has been attributed to hackers based in Russia.

Federal officials report the ultimate goal of election hackers is to erode the confidence in democracy.

Bond County Clerk Sybert said the two-day workshop provided valuable information. She said elections have been deemed “critical infrastructure” by the department of homeland security and officials have to stay on top of many things that can be thrown at them.

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The county clerk is the election official in each county and handles all aspects of voter registration and the election.

Sybert said even in small counties like Bond, she has to be aware of the potential of hackers, although the current system makes it more difficult for them.

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Federal funds are being provided to states through the Help America Vote Act and counties will receive some of that money.

Sybert said it is not known when the money will arrive and county clerks are still waiting for information about how the funds should be used.

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