Unit Two Budget Amendment


The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education amended its fiscal year 2018 budget during its meeting Monday night.

There was good news to report, according to Superintendent Wes Olson. He said the district had a surplus of $354,000 in April and ended the fiscal year with a surplus of just over $1 million. He said officials worked hard to reduce expenditures and saved around $90,000 there. He also said payments they hadn’t seen for some time came in, making a big positive impact.

Click below to hear more of his comments:

The budget was amended just before the end of the fiscal year, which is Saturday.

The estimated $1 million 44 thousand dollar balance is in the operating fund which includes education, operations and maintenance, transportation and working cash.

Olson mentioned expenditure reductions and the additional categorical payment from the state. The district also received an additional $452,000 in Pre-Kindergarten Program payments.

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