Unit Two Coaches Rehired

Athletic coaches for the winter season have been rehired at Bond County Unit 2 high school.

The school board approved Todd Cantrill as head boys’ basketball coach, Adam Doll and Aristede Ephron as assistant boys’ basketball coaches, Kolin Dothager as head girls’ basketball coach, Quinton Hammann as assist girls’ basketball coach, and Amanda Goldsboro as basketball cheerleading head coach.

Volunteer coaches at the high school for next school year will be Stan Pickett, Tom Broomfield, Arthur Kerle, Chad Nelson and Bart Caldieraro in football; Pam Craig, Carl Brannon and Jesse Shaw in girls tennis; Shaw and Vaughn Robart in boys tennis, Doug Fletcher in golf, Kevin Jackson and Gary Brauns in boys basketball, Brianna Van Kleef, Katie Schreiber and Brianna Wade in girls basketball; Joe Alstat in baseball, David Holden in cross country, and Gayla Brauns, Allyson Loucks and Amanda Goldsboro in cheerleading.

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