Unit Two Personnel Action In Special Meeting


The Bond County Unit 2 school board met in special session last week to rehire or recall staff members who had been released earlier this year due to uncertainty of funding.

More information on funding has been received.

Non-tenured teachers rehired are Laurie Schneck, Molly Boudouris, Kelsey Richardson, Tara Faulkner and Nichole Spurgeon.

Non-certified staff that were rehired include Toni Wylde, Debra Wick and Taryn Flake.

The board recalled several non-renewed, non-certified staff members.

They include Becky Suess, Erica Davis, Liz Williams-Provost and Laura Pierce.

Aides recalled are Rachelle Hosick, Megan Isringhausen, Anne Burris, Darlene Johnson, Tiffany Lile and Amber Ricks.

Infant toddler specialists recalled in the Project Parenting Program are Tiffany Mendenhall, Lourdes Estevez, Liz Williams-Provost, Laura Pierce, Kelley Higgins, Patrice White, Sarah Elliott and Adrienne Beavor.

All motions were approved on votes of 4 to 0 with Greg Zykan, Randi Workman, Nate Prater and Ashley Driemeyer present.

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