Council Acts On Idler Lane Project

With a major project set to begin on the south end of Idler Lane, the Greenville City Council acted on two related items at its recent council meeting.

The city code was amended to officially designate a five-ton weight limit on the street. Signs have been up for many years about the weight limit, but Idler Lane wasn’t listed in the code. Now, the weight limit can be enforced.

The council also approved a resolution making Idler Lane, from Harris Avenue, north to Sam Andrews Drive, as a truck route.

A major improvement project on that short stretch of Idler Lane is scheduled to begin on July 30, according to City Manager Dave Willey. The road will get curb, gutter, and new concrete. When it’s finished, there will be a left and right turn lane on Idler.

Click below to hear his comments:

An announcement will be made in the near future about traffic control at that location during the project.

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