County Board Approves Second Amendment Resolution


For about a month, the main topic of discussion for the Bond County Board has been a resolution supporting the second amendment. After many public comments and several re-writes, Board Chairman Howard Elmore read a resolution, which the board passed in their meeting Tuesday morning.

The resolution states any measure proposed or passed by the Illinois General Assembly should be closely monitored by citizens and if those citizens fear the legislation infringes on their rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States or of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, the citizens should approach their representatives in the House and Senate and the governor.

The resolution also urges members of General Assembly to respect the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens.

The resolution passed 4 to 1, with Wes Pourchot casting the “no” vote.

The official resolution follows at the end of this story.

The board approved two county aid projects; one for $5,000 on North Mulberry Grove Road and one for $8,000 on Dudleyville Road.

Board members appointed Eldon Young, Jeff Hasenmeyer, and Jean Doll to the FAYCO 377 Board for three year terms and Lou Lorton to the Greenville Airport Authority Board for a five year term.

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