FNB Collecting For Local Food Programs

The First National Bank is partnering with Capri IGA to collect food for weekend backpack programs at Unit 1 and Unit 2 school districts. Students, who have been identified by teachers as having a need, are provided with a backpack full of canned vegetables and pastas, juice boxes, granola bars, and other easy to make snacks. This is the second year First National Bank branches in Greenville and Mulberry Grove have helped with food collection. FNB employee Kristin Wasmuth, who is leading the bank’s collection, said, “We’re aware of the need in our community and we feel it’s important that kids grow and learn with a full belly.”

Lauren Vohlken, Lauren Hahn, and Amanda O’Regan are coordinators of Unit 2’s Weekend Backpack Program, which is open to students in Pre-K through 5th grade in Greenville and Pre-K through 8th grade in Sorento and Pocahontas. According to Vohlken, “The BCCU #2 Weekend Backpack Program provides healthy food for the district’s most vulnerable students each weekend throughout the school year.” Hahn added, “Donations are a major part of our inventory and how we stock our shelves to prepare for the start of the program, every little bit helps.” According to O’Regan, “We are currently looking to serve 80 students throughout the upcoming year.”

Pastor Randy Whitehead from the First Church of Christ in Mulberry Grove leads the effort for the Unit 1 School District. He said around 30 children from Pre-K through 6th grade receive food. Whitehead explained, “Bond County continues to be one of the highest food-underserved counties in the state of Illinois. The food contributions of people in our area will have a great impact on the lives and learning abilities of the children we hold so precious.”

You may drop off food donations at The First National Bank of Greenville or Mulberry Grove and Capri IGA from July 30 through August 11. You may also purchase pre-bagged items for $9.99 at Capri IGA. A complete list of food needed can be found on flyers at the collection sites or on The First National Bank Facebook page. The First National Bank will also be making a cash donation to purchase food for the backpacks.

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