Greenville City Street Oiling

Street oiling in Greenville will be conducted Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bill Grider, superintendent of public works, said signs have been posted along the roads. He also said residents are asked to keep vehicles in driveways during the work.

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Grider said the oil and chip process is preventative maintenance to help keep roads sealed and in good shape.

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Oiling will be done between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.

A total of 31 sections of roads are on the list. They are:

Railroad from Bond to Ninth, Ninth from Railroad to Franklin, Eighth from Railroad to Franklin, West from Railroad to Willard, Sixth from Railroad to Franklin, Bond from Railroad to Franklin, Fifth from the south end to Franklin, Latzer from Elm to Fourth, Monroe from the west end to Prairie, DeMoulin from Second to the west end;

Fifth from DeMoulin to Monroe, Third from DeMoulin to the south end, Second from Latzer to Bowman, First from Latzer to Monroe, Center from North to Fourth, Fourth from Oak to the north end, Prairie from Latzer to Monroe, Woodlawn from the west end to the fairgrounds, Helvetia from Spruce to the fairgrounds, Fairgrounds from Latzer to Ridge;

Clarence from Latzer to Ridge, Latzer from the fairgrounds to Clarence, Locust from Ridge to Woodlawn, Ridge from Bowman to Cardinal, Cardinal from Ridge to the east end, Bowman from Ridge to the east end, Elm from Route 40 to Enertech, Second from Harris to the south end, First from Harris to the south end, Prairie from Harris to the south end, and North from Fourth to Third.

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