Man Reportedly Laid In Road Intentionally


It appears a Carlyle man intentionally laid in a road and was run over early Monday morning.

According to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Kole Koehler of Carlyle was struck by a vehicle on Shattuc Road near Kaskaskia College.

The driver, from rural Carlyle, stopped to check on Koehler, who instructed the driver to take him (the injured man) to a residence in Centralia.

The driver then went to St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia to report the incident. The sheriff’s department report quoted the driver as stating Koehler advised him he was intentionally lying in the road because he had nothing to live for.

Soon after Koehler was taken to the house, an ambulance was sent there. Koehler was taken to the Centralia hospital where he was treated for head and back injuries.

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