New Mulberry Grove Elementary Principal

When the new school year begins next month, there will be a new principal at Mulberry Grove Elementary School.

Casie Bowman was hired in June by the Unit 1 school board for the position, replacing Bobby Koontz, who is Mulberry Grove junior high and high school principal.

Bowman and her family live south of Altamont. She taught and coached at Brownstown for eight years, and spent the last few years teaching and coaching in Altamont Grade School.

She has been in education for eleven years, and decided around five years ago that she wanted to work in administration.

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Principal Bowman is looking forward to her first administrative role. She will be at registration, ready to meet some of the students and their parents.

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Bowman is originally from the Kell area in Marion County and moved to Altamont when she was in the sixth grade. In 2017, Bowman was named Altamont teacher of the year.

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