Changes To Greenville Chamber-Tourism Agreement

After sharing an executive director the past 25 years, the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Greenville Tourism are going their separate ways.

The announcement was made at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Chamber President Randy Alderman addressed the council, noting that the Chamber-Tourism agreement has become too big for one person to handle. He said the Chamber Board will soon announce a partnership with a new organization that will allow the Chamber to continue to serve Greenville and be more responsive to the growing Chamber membership and their needs.

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The Chamber has given the city a written 30-day notice. The city has been paying half of the salary for the combined position, which has been vacant in recent months.

There have been three directors the past few years.

City Manager Dave Willey said Greenville will now appoint or hire someone for the tourism duties.

Willey said the financial partnership that supported an employee working both for the Chamber and the city’s tourism efforts will be dissolved. The money that would have been sent to the Chamber will now be spent by the city for an employee internally. He said the city and Chamber will continue to work together for anything that improves the City of Greenville.

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