Fiber Optics Work At Courthouse

Those driving by the Bond County Courthouse in recent days have noticed part of the south lawn dug up.

What’s going on?

Circuit Clerk Rex Catron said directional boring is being done to install conduit to run between City offices, County offices, the courthouse, Kaskaskia College’s Greenville Education Center, and Greenville University. The project will allow for internet services needed by each agency.

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With conduit currently going in, the fiber optic lines will be installed in the near future.

Catron said the benefits of fiber optics to the courthouse include quicker and more reliable internet service, remote backup systems between buildings, 911 system management, and video service between the courthouse and sheriff’s department.

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Catron said the county office building, across from the courthouse, already has fairly new fiber optics, and will also benefit from the new service.

The circuit clerk reported video court has been discussed and in the future could be used for certain kinds of hearings.

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