Former Queens Honored At Bond County Fair

Past Bond County Fair queens attending the 70th anniversary reception were (using maiden names) (front l-r) Mildred Frueh, Elaine Bauer, Sharon Roadman, Pat Smith, Carol Neumann, Julie Lingley, Amy Bohle, (middle row l-r) Joy Whited, Cari Adams, Lauren Gall, Riley Langham, Allison Grissom, Lauren Brewer, Sherry Schaefer, Valerie Washburn, (back row l-r) Abigail Degler, Kayley Woker, Sarah Frey, Candice Willman, Jenna Koonce, Katie Ward, Leah Wall, and Nori Stone.

This year marked the 70th year for the Bond County Fair.

As part of the milestone, queens from the past were invited to a reception Monday evening before the regular queen pageant.

Twenty-three queens attended.

Their maiden names and years crowned queen are Sharon Roadman, 1954; Elaine Bauer, 1958; Mildred Frueh, 1961; Pat Smith, 1965; Carol Neumann, 1967; Joy Whited, 1973; Valerie Washburn, 1975; Sherry Schaefer, 1979; Amy Bohle, 1991; Leah Wall, 1997; Julie Lingley, 1998; Katie Ward, 2002; Candice Willman, 2003; Sarah Frey, 2005; Cari Adams, 2006; Lauren Gall, 2008; Lauren Brewer, 2009; Allison Grissom, 2010; Nori Stone, 2012; Riley Langham, 2013; Kayley Woker, 2015; Abigail Degler, 2016; and Jenna Koonce, 2017.

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