Greenville Man Named State Duck Call Champ

State Duck Calling Champion Cody Covalesky

The champion of the Illinois State Fair duck calling contest is from Greenville.

Cody Covalesky was judged the best duck caller in the first state fair competition held Sunday afternoon in Springfield. Approximately a dozen persons participated in the contest sponsored by the RFD Radio Network.

Covalesky claimed the state title even though it had been several years since he had been in a competition. He said he used to do it occasionally, but had to stop due to work obligations. This state fair competition was the first time he’d done it in several years.

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He has spent a lot of time practicing over the years. He said he caused a lot of headaches practicing on the front porch. State fair judges considered the volume, quality, and realism of the duck calls.

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Covalesky said he was excited to win the state fair contest and plans to return to defend his title.

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As the state champion duck caller, Covalesky won a premiere ribbon, $100 and a duck call from Illinois River Valley Calls of Pekin.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Cody Covalesky
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