Greenville To Purchase Royal Lake Water & Sewer Assets

At a recent special meeting, the Greenville City Council approved a resolution regarding an agreement with Rural Development to purchase the Royal Lake water and sewer district assets, including the distribution and collection system.

The sewer system is not working properly. City Manager Dave Willey said Rural Development has had an interested for some time in doing something that would allow the system to be more viable.

Willey pointed out that the City of Greenville has provided water and treated the sewage in Royal Lake since the systems were installed. The systems have gone into disrepair due to declining population in Royal Lake.

Click below to hear more from the City Manager:

The resolution was unanimously approved by the council.

Rural Development is providing the city a grant of $635,000 to buy the system, make repairs, and cover what Royal Lake owes the city for past sewage treatment services.

Willey said Greenville will get another 50 sewer customers, which will not have a big effect on the treatment plant’s capacity.

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