Kevin’s IV Pole Passes Through Area


If you were out and about in Greenville Saturday, you may have noticed a man pushing an IV pole along Route 40, heading east.

Kevin Fern, of Redondo Beach, CA, is a survivor of childhood cancer and is walking across America, from California, to a children’s hospital in Boston, to raise awareness and funds for camps for kids with cancer.

WGEL’s Ryan Mifflin caught up with Fern as he walked Route 40, between South Fourth Street and South Elm. Unfortunately, the windy conditions prevented us from being able to share the interview they recorded. But Fern said that large groups, such as the American Cancer Society, used to help fund camps for children with cancer. But those groups largely have shifted their focus toward research, which is says is a worthy and necessary effort. But camps that serve children with cancer are left to raise funds for themselves.

Fern said he left California on April 1st and Greenville is around the 2,000 mile mark of a trip that will ultimately exceed 3,500 miles.

He said he’s met a lot of people along the way, many of whom stop to give him snacks, cold drinks, and money for the cause.

His effort is called “Kevin’s IV Pole”. You can visit to find out more. There’s also a Facebook page.

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