Lake Committee Talks Trestle Jumpers

Governor Bond Lake

When the Greenville Lake Committee met recently, four of five members were in attendance.

At the previous meeting of the committee, it was agreed to recommend to the city council that the boat motor horsepower limit be raised from 225 to 300. The change would be made to cover the minimum entry level bass boats.

At last week’s meeting, it was reported the council will probably wait to consider the recommendation until the fall, since the end of the boating season is approaching.

Trestle jumping was once again a topic. It was noted this seems to be done mostly on Sunday nights.

Lake patrol will be asked to especially watch for jumpers. Committee members and city officials warn that jumping off the train trestle is a dangerous activity in addition to being trespassing on railroad property.

City of Greenville staff has recommended that addresses be added to boat docks along Governor Bond Lake. There was no opposition from committee members. The council will have to act for this to be done.

City staff will look into committee suggestions to add bumpers or a protective covering to steel brackets on the outside of city docks, to prevent damage to boats, and place receptacles at both marina’s for used fishing line.

It was also reported the city is working on obtaining a new gas pump supplier at Buzzard Bay Marina which will allow gas to be purchased using a credit card.

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